Swing Killer EA Reviews

Swing Killer EA contains a bit of a cumbersome attachment, should be a limited level of programming, a bit of time to filter this code may not even add, I have some doubts that this is a patchwork EA, the attachment directory is as follows

└─Swing Killer Pack
│ Installation Guide.txt

└─Swing Killer Pack
│ AutoTrading Scheduler.ex4
│ Swing Killer Demo.ex4
│ Swing Killer Live.ex4

│ SMC Reversal Arrow.ex4

Pips TP Set File, Change lots to suit.set

Swing Killer Installation Guide

open your broker; file, data folder, MQL4, Experts - insert robot file.
open indicator folder - insert SMC Reversal arrow indicator.
open 6 MAJOR Pairs in 4H timeframe. (If on demo, open all 28 to see how robot works)
load Robot onto chart, tick all boxes and allow live trading..
inputs tab - load set file I send. At top insert your account number in the license.
Click Ok. Repeat for all currency pairs.
Auto scheduler;
Open EURUSD (any timeframe)
Add robot to chart, click ok.
We want to filter out market close and first 3 hours of Asian. For example, 9.59pm GMT market closes.
Our time filter will be 21:59 - 01:59

The EA file contains 3 files, of which AutoTrading Scheduler.ex4 is intended to simply limit trading sessions, which is a bit low end, and AutoTrading Scheduler.ex4 is not written by the developer himself and is used as follows:

When the Scheduler is closed, it does nothing. You have to turn it on to run it.

Changing the time from local to server can be useful if you want the scheduler to work according to your broker's trading server time, for example during a daylight saving time switch week.

The status can be OK, No autotrading, No connection or DLLs disabled. the first and second do not affect anything - they just inform you. No connection means that EA will not be able to close any transactions before AutoTrading is disabled, but it will disable AutoTrading without any problems. disabling DLLs is a real problem, as enabling/disabling AutoTrading will not be possible.

The main part of using the scheduler is setting up a valid weekly schedule. AutoTrading will be enabled for the time period you set.

The time entry field uses a time range given in 24 hour format, with the start time and end time separated by a hyphen. For example, the range 9-17 would be interpreted as "from 9:00 to 17:00" (or "from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm").

Multiple ranges can be specified for a day using a comma as a separator. For example, the ranges 13:30-16:30, 19:30-20:05 would enable auto trading in two periods: from 13:30 to 16:30 and from 19:30 to 20:05.

The main objective of the AutoTrading Scheduler is to control the status of the AutoTrading button in MetaTrader. However, it can also be used to close trades before disabling AutoTrading. This is done by ticking the checkbox at the bottom of the panel. The Expert Advisor will attempt to close the position and remove the pending order, but there is no guarantee that this will be successful. It will not reattempt to close the trade as its first priority is to disable AutoTrading and with AutoTrading disabled, managing the trade becomes impossible.

SMC Reversal Arrow This indicator has nothing to do with the SMC strategy, it is a redrawn arrow indicator based on ZigZag, this algorithm can also be written in EA

Swing Killer Live.ex4 is the actual use of EA, EA strategy is to have merit, EA in the current ZigZag pole under the pending single, each time 3 single, the 3 single unified stop loss, but the stop gain target is different, stop loss design is more reasonable, through the ATR set stop loss distance, the other is nothing, there is a MA indicator to filter the entry signal

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